Barcelona Rental

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain that deserve to be visited anytime by anyone. The city has wonderful monuments, art galleries, museums and restaurants that will water your mouth before you even order anything. There are wonderful natural sites here as well as historic grounds that will leave you yearning for more.

LEixample suburb

Overpopulation in Barcelonas Old Town saw the citys expansion towards the Place Catalunya on the North. This suburb was given the name LEixample which means The Extension and it was adorned with very beautiful architectural designed buildings. The work was done by Art Nouveau architects and has got something to offer the desiring eyes.

The suburb hosts the church Sagrada Familia which is full of controversies and is still unfinished because its architect died suddenly. This serves as a monument for the architect Antoni Gaudi who died in 1962. The monument has attracted a lot of visitors over the years and remains the citys best in terms of visitations made here.

There are also districts that came about with the Barcelonas expansion on the further Northern area. The districts include Les Corts, Sarris, Horta-Guinardo and Gracia.

Barcelonas seaside

For those who have a passion for sailing and windsurfing, you can do this on the Mediterranean mild climate and cools seas of Barcelona. Olympic Port has small boats which leave the harbor to take visitors sightseeing. You will be able to see the citys coastline and waterfront which is quite a magnificent view. There are seafood restaurants at Barceloneta which is the citys fishing district. Olympic Port also has outdoor terraces offering relaxation, bars, shops, cinemas and discos.

It is also wonderful to visit Costa Brava for a peaceful experience away from the crowd since it has deserted coves just for that peaceful moment.

Cultural center

There is a very beautiful cultural center called Sant Adria de Besos El Forum which was constructed for the purpose of hosing Forum de Les Cultures. It was remodeled in 2004 for this reason and it hosts numerous events. Thousands of foreigners are attracted by the events which showcase cultural values of Spain. This is definitely worth the check.

Barcelona will indeed leave you feeling great and wonderful after visiting beautiful places, taking part in sports as well as learning a little bit of Spanish culture. The list of places to visit while in the city is simply endless.

How to rent for long term in the city Barcelona


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